The shoes must be so clean that you wear new shoes every day ~

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China Shoe Network December 07, said to see a person's taste only to see her shoes on line, a delicate person never allow their shoes dirty. Here are some cleaning tips to get your new shoes on every day! Leather Wipe the moisture and grime off the shoes with a dry towel, and then wipe with the shoes with the same color as shoes or shoe polish. In addition, the banana peel can clear the oil on the shoe, drink leftover milk or the expired milk shoe can prevent the leather chapped. Artificial skin Artificial leather shoes clean up relatively simple, as long as the use of wet cloth clean leather immediately with dry cloth dry water can be, avoid long-term use of the maintenance of leather shoes to wipe the upper, will cause the upper cortex small cracks. Patent leather or PU skin Leather and PU leather shoes with a soft dry cloth gently wipe, so as not to leave scratches. Pu leather shoes can also be solved with balm, one or two drops on the stain balm, and then wipe with a paper towel. Scrub, suede Suede shoes are comfortable to look at with texture and are loved by people. But it is easy to dirty, people are very headache ~ The first step: gently brush off the surface of the dust brush, brush the time to the side brush, avoid repeated brush back and forth. The second step: if there is a stain on the shoes, the sponge soaked, wring dry water, dip a special detergent, gently wipe the stains place, stained with stains after the best timely treatment. After cleaning, place it in the vent to let it air-dry naturally. Step three: You want to make your shoes fresh and dry, you can spray the suede cleaning care spray evenly on the uppers. Mesh surface Mesh shoes can be stained with an old toothbrush or a detergent from the inside. For example, the screen is in the front of the shoe, it should be shoes facing the direction of the head of the brush, so that the dirty things will not remain on the shoes. After wiping, put in the home cool ventilated place to dry. Canvas shoes or shoe Canvas Shoes and footwear If only the surface or shoe edge is not clean, you can wipe with a damp cloth or with the old toothbrush with toothpaste brush, and finally wet Bu Qing clean. Shoes When you clean your sneakers, take the laces and insoles out. With a toothbrush dipped in soap, gently scrub the upper, shoes and tongue, and finally clean the shoes with water to dry. Insoles Cleaning Should try to avoid cleaning insoles, if there is a peculiar smell, you can remove the insoles placed in the ventilated place air-dry, or the use of footwear deodorant to remove odor. If the situation is bad, the insole can be washed under the faucet and gently wipe with the soft brush, do not use any detergent, otherwise the surface layer fabric may fall off.