How to tie mountaineering shoes and precautions

For outdoor sports or hiking, a good pair of shoes is essential. The function of the shoelace is to make the shoe and the foot one.

The shoelaces are related to the activities of our feet. Too loose or too tight shoelaces will make us feel tired soon after walking for a while, and the feet are easily injured. Choosing the ideal shoelace method can make us forget the burden of shoes and make shoes a part of the body.

Different types of shoes require different lengths of laces.

Flat laces are less likely to loosen than round laces.

Here are a few better and more comfortable ways to tie your shoelaces.

How to tie the laces of hiking boots

01 How to tie the laces of mountaineering shoes

▼ hook method

First wrap the hooks on the top layer, then crisscross the laces and tie them in an "8" shape around the hooks.

▼ perforation method

1. Knot a loop on each strap and tuck them through the metal hole at the top.

2. Pass the end of the shoelace through the loop of the other shoelace and pull it tight. According to the principle of ankle and sole comfort, tightening the shoelaces of hiking shoes can not only protect the heel, but also reduce the possibility of blistering.

However, doing so can also compress the toes and chafe the instep during prolonged exercise, especially in boots with less comfortable linings.

▼ Cross wrap method

1. Adjust the laces of the hiking boots to the appropriate tightness. In front of the ankle, the two laces are crossed a few times.

2. The front of the foot should remain loose, even if you pull the ankle tight. Remember, when you wear thicker socks, you need to readjust the laces on the front of your foot.

▼ Double tie method

Prepare two shoelaces in advance or break the shoelaces in two, and tie the upper and lower ends of the hiking shoes respectively. This layered structure allows you to adopt different tightening strategies for different situations.

If you want the ankle area to be tight, you can tie the upper part of the shoelace, and if you feel that the sole of the foot is too crowded, you can loosen the lower part of the shoelace appropriately.

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